Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nuclear Plant Delayed -- Again ....


Oh well, what the heck, I've opened up again, at half speed. I'll just live with no more wine money, since I recently blew some at Vintages. I've opened comments again.

To sum up while I was gone, all my chickens have come home to roost. Chalk River has finally rusted through, and is no longer an earthquake risk. The Niagara Tunnel starts its tortuous climb in total cost. And the nuclear plant is delayed because they can't serve it on a Politically Perfect Plate.

People are quite angry about the Niagara Tunnel on the Star, but they've never read my blog. Good, I hate anger! They got some Terrified Engineers to mutter about the NRU, but they all said they were afraid of losing their jobs. That's the trouble with Canada, all the technical people are buried in Self Similar organizations, and cannot speak out.

It's funny that in all those comments on the Star or Globe, nobody cares about facts, or a third-party technical opinion. I guess that's the thing about the Internet, everybody wants to vent and demand rolling heads.

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