Monday, July 22, 2019

The End of July

Looks like 28C for another couple of weeks, then August 25C, going rapidly down to September 20C, etc.

Since we right on the edge of chaos, we might get more heatwaves.  But old man Winter is trying to attack us.  The old El Nino is dying.

The ice curve will tell us when the El Nino is dead.  It is starting to curve.  The winter before had the highest ice volume, but you can see in October it started to plunge in volume.  It is amazing that last winter's ice volume was still just below 2018, even with the El Nino. 

That tells us that when this EN dies, we will see one heck of a winter.  The ice volume will hit a new record.  All of the news will be silent, however, and we will only get selected irrelevant factoids.  Looking forward to it.

The garden is fantastic right now.  We are freezing a heck of a lot of beans. 

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