Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Cottage Report July 3,2019

We are living in a stagnant July heat wave.  The lake has been still as a millpond all day.  All the ocean plumes are stuck.  This is the wonderful summer I predicted, but it will be short.  The water is cool now, and the nights are cool as well.  This is the most perfect weather for the cottage that I have seen for a long time.

When we had that warm spell sometimes it was so hot that the water was a bathtub, and you lay in sweat all night.  Not now.

Here are the rocks at sunset.  They glow red.  I can take the drone up now and not crash it.  It might last until my trip to the Seychelles.  Yeah! 

The bugs are at a reasonable level.  I can put up the shade tent on the dock, and I zap the horseflies with my super-heavy 7000 volt zapper.  They shrug it off, but it must give them a headache, since they fly away for a while. 

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