Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Cannabis Oil Works Miracles

My own cannabis oil, as I outlined how to make it, is working miracles.  I'm giving it to friends and neighbours, on a small trial basis, just like I would give a bottle of my home-made wine.  My totally beat-up relative is finally able to sleep, and eliminate the pain.  My neighbour's teenage daughter had lots of inflammation problems and depression, and swings.  This stuff has stabilized her.

Home-made stuff is 'crude oil' with every little minor cannaboid.  I have no faith in the over-processed stuff, like the supplements you can buy and never work.  Growing your own is more than 100 times cheaper and works better.  Never buy that over-the-counter extracted cbd oil.  You need all the extra junk.

I think my stuff has a thc/cbd ratio of 2 to one.  So, buy a bucket of buds and make your own oil.  Shudder at the price and then grow your own.  The plant variety 'Hash Plant' has the right ratio and souvenir seeds can be bought from Crop King.

It's too late for the garden now, so you can grow under lights.  Use a hydroponic method, since fusarium wilt kills everything.

ps.  this may have a slightly higher chance than placebo of working.  There have been people who have had a very strong reaction to the thc, and couldn't take it.  With all these things, you can trot out people who have been cured, but it's the probability that matters.

pps.  I am convinced that inflammation is the root cause of many problems, and this is the best stuff for it, other than cortisone steroids.

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