Saturday, July 6, 2019

LCBO has empty shelves

It looks like Dougie hit the wrong store.  Lots of empty shelves of stalwarts like vodka.  Everything is gone.

According to staff, it appears that the computer system for deliveries has gone wacko.  Trucks are going to the wrong places, and not showing up.  This is like the Fed payroll system, except it has a real effect on people.  And when it goes nuts at the Tax Dept.  it's sad when they don't give back your money.

Ammie leads with way with mundane issues of delivery and such.  I know that they put huge brains on it and paid them a fortune.  No bright person wants to work on stocking shelves.  So you can't get bright people to work on depressing stuff (in Canada), because you can't pay them more than an average programmer.  And startups in Canada never get any real money.

So, no vodka for you.  I'm sure they will never mention this unless it shows up on the news.

ps.  I guessed correctly - a gov't computer system.

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