Friday, July 5, 2019

Global temperatures are up, but North America crashes

I think that the warmies can use the global temperature plots again.  They prefer to use isolated pictures like a stupid duck eating a cigarette butt.

The global temps are rising!  But wait, the carbon hypothesis says that warming should be uniform.

The Northern mids are way down as anybody in the UK or Canada could tell you.  And US natgas is at almost zero because of this graph.

Look at that drop!  My tomatoes suffered for it.  But just tell the warmies they should go back to actual charts again, instead of endless 'models' that use the parameters from 10 years ago.

ps.  I had expected that the globals would go down again, but an oscillation of heat flow from north to south would be almost the same.  We really don't have a handle on previous cycles.

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