Wednesday, July 23, 2008

San Francisco madhouse continues

Poor old guy, he's handed over the password, and even told the idiots how to use it. Still, they can't get very far, and accuse him of all sorts of horrible things, such as planting a logic bomb that didn't go off. I'm sure if this insane genius had planted a bomb, it would go off!

Now, the good townsfolk are happy in the fact that if they do continue to bungle things, they can all blame it on the poor sucker, who never had anybody to hand the keys over to, even if he wanted to! It's like owning this this most expensive sports car that takes two years of race course work to learn how to drive, and handing the keys over to Jack Black!

We know have the exact situation as if this guy fell into a manhole, except now they can continue to whip him with an astronomical bail. It really makes the whole town look incompetent and corrupt. I'm sure that if these bunglers had all the keys in the world, they couldn't figure out what this mad scientist had conjured up.

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