Thursday, July 3, 2008

Life at the cottage

Here I am, surviving after my one night canoe trip. The weather is finally becoming summer, after the most horrible June ever. We did the canoe loop in the upper lakes. This is a beautiful area, but it has a sad story. For years, it was an unknown gem, found only in canoe books, but then some nasty government committee, with nothing better to do, caught it in their sights. Having already screwed up Bottle Lake, they went after the 'Kawartha Signature Highlands'. This group had no money, but they had to justify their expense accounts.

So they declared this area a provincial park, with no funds. Sure they had grand visions, but it required millions of dollars. So they just declared it a political park, and ran away. With the added advertising, more people came, who were slobs. We were just up, and the camping areas were messy and unkept. I don't think they will ever finish this job, by putting in a proper gate, rangers, and camping permits, like Algonquin.

Anyway, that's my gripe! We had lots of fun, and I caught an eating fish, and we bbq'd it! We stopped at a lunch spot, and I saw an area that the dogs avoided. I thought I heard a growling, and as I was picking blueberries, I actually heard loud snoring! In front of me was a snoring cave! We decided to cross any campsite off our list that had loud snoring caves!

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