Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fully customized internet appliances

For years the PC has been defined as something which can run the full MS suite of software. Nothing could compete with this! The Linux Desktop was shattered on those rocks.

Now the PC is dead! We are entering the world of customized mini-appliances, such as the cell phone, and if you go one up on that, you get the 'Keyboard internet appliance'. We've had one for a year now (Asus Eeepc), and it is fantastic. The big news is that Asus is taking this further with 23 new customized models. Try that with a PC! People are still wedded to MS and XP, but once network access becomes universal, they will move to Google Docs (etc).

If the next Sex & City movie has Carrie dumping the apple, and, instead carrying a gold Asus on a chain, then its future is made!

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