Monday, July 21, 2008

Earthquake festival

I love the concept! We should have earthquake festivals everywhere to appease the Earthquake Gods. You could have special treats, such as "Smashed House" funnel cakes, and "Pancaked Building" pancakes, with little gummy people sticking out between the layers!

Instead of Bounce Houses, we could have "Shake Houses". You'd have to bring in that Japanese earthquake simulator on a truck. That would be awesome! Booths could sell earthquake survival kits, consisting of a hotdog and bottle of water. You could have pre-earthquake t-shirts saying "I survived the fill in the blank earthquake!" It would, of course, be the height of irony if a earthquake-body was photographed wearing that shirt!

There might be some good in all this fun, but I wouldn't push it. Just admitting you could have an earthquake, would be a great step forward.

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