Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Christina Blizzard - Columnist with brains

Today we welcome Christina, who says she will keep an eye on this blog. Yeah! She wrote a nice piece on nimbyism, and the very silly path that our current gov'ts are following. She might be able to help us on preventing the Bruce disaster, but I don't know if anyone can help us there.

Some topics for any bright columnist (all of which I have written on, if only I could remember!):

-why are they giving money away for a fictional new Bruce plant, when OPG only has to give money to the local mayor?

-OPG is going to magically increase the megawatt-area density for the new plant by a factor of 2, while building next to a massive, active quarry?

-why does Toronto totally ignore the reasonable earthquake threat to its peace and tranquility?

-are really going to build nuclear plants, and a nuclear waste repository, while adding squat to the regional geological knowledge?

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