Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another American earthquake awareness project

I just collect these in a wistful manner, looking at what other cities are doing. You'll never get this in smug Toronto! Oh no, that would be admitting something is wrong, and the city is busy saving us from pesticides. At least they are thinking of taking down the Gardner before it's taken down for them! (just being alarmist! Just kidding!)


Anonymous said...

CN Tower, TD Center, First Canadian Place.
Which one is goin' down if the impossible M8 happens 10 km from down town?

Just being morbid i suppose.

Not impossible just rather unlikely.

Parts of 1'st Canadian and the Gardener have already fallen off with no shakey help from the Mantle gods.

Harold Asmis said...

None of them, they are on solid rock. The nasty Gardner doesn't need much. And all those cute Beaches houses! But all the really good damage will be in the lower Hamilton Burlington area.