Monday, July 28, 2008

Mud splooshed all over AECL and CNSC

Another day, another damning report. Seems the CNSC knew about those non-connected pumps all along. Only it was the lower minions! This is hilarious!!

Another article says they urge the quick replacement of the claptrap, seismic death pit, NRU reactor. That, and my Tim Horton's card buys me a cup of coffee! Gee, should we resurrect the Marvelous Maple Reactor, and get it to work? Nah, they're doing that with the ACR1000!

These useless Canadian institutions need to take a page from NASA's book, and learn how to dig out of the 'Harold Asmis Power Law Death Spiral', soon to be published on Knolie-Knolie.

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