Monday, July 21, 2008

Dr. Frankenstein and his Monster

I love this whole story!

I will summarize in a tale. Seems Frank was hired by the local town council.

"Sir, we know not what we do, but we want every trendy thing that goes with apples, with every bell and whistle, and we're not paying very much."

So Frank built a giant monster that ran the city. They kept wanting it to get bigger and do more, without much money. Frank may have told them this was not wise, but they didn't listen. Now, unfortunately Frank was a bit of a megalomaniac, just like every other monster-builder out there. Soon, Frank had the ultimate monster, that only he could control, not out out of malice, but the fact that everybody else was a simpleton compared to Frank.

The monster did everything quietly in the background, slopping the toilets and washing the dishes. The good burgermeisters didn't know what they had. Simpletons tried to subvert the monster to their own ends, but Frank knew the dangers. A bit of interference and the whole thing would come crashing down on their heads, Frank included. He didn't even take holidays, so terrified of the consequences, he was. He locked out all the barbarians with pitch-forks.

Then in came the monster-slayer. "Slay this monster!" she said. "It's big and we don't understand it!" Frank went a bit nuts. "Kill the monster? You idiots don't know what you are doing!".

And so they threw poor Frank into the dungeon, and locked him up with a ridiculous and corrupt $5 million dollar bail. "Give us the key to tame the monster!" they said. He replied that they didn't know what they are doing and would destroy the city. They accused him of all sorts of terrible crimes committed while protecting his monster. Meanwhile, the monster continues to run the city with no problems, and Frank rots in jail.

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Monado said...

That's pretty sad!