Thursday, April 3, 2008

Washington State to hold big earthquake drill

I love to collect articles that show other jurisdictions planning earthquake scenarios. It makes me feel good to see this. Some scenarios, though, are so horrific that they can't be practiced, like Hurricane Katrina, or a Tokyo earthquake. It's nice if you have a scenario that fails only 10% of lifelines, etc, so you can improve them.

Here in Ontario, no single government entity is powerful enough to do this. That is why Project NEUTRON will harass OPG and Bruce Nuclear in the coming nuclear hearings. Mainly the question will be:

How can you assure nuclear safety, and general safety for society, when the whole area around you will be running around like headless chickens? How can you get your people in? What about hospitals, and workers worried about their families?

Normally, in a hearing process, this sort of question will be thrown out as 'out of scope', which is why we are attacking the whole hearing process.

Since I currently have *nobody* interested in this, I shall endeavor to make it a fun as possible for me!

*check my search box for more on Project NEUTRON. And look for my booth selling t-shirts at the upcoming nuclear hearings!

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