Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gas doubling soon

The plumber who came over to install my new efficient hot water heater (through this Livclean program I talked about earlier), liked his big ugly pick-up trucks. Now his gas was costing him hundreds of dollars per trip, and he was getting rid of it, and going for a new, slightly more efficient GM pick-up truck! I just said, "Uh-huh".

Like I've said, this is really going to kill the cottage resale market, and big ugly boats. Things are going to be a lot more quiet on the dock. We used to have this noisy huge motor boat on the lake that would go out once a day and cross the lake in 30 seconds, and then go back! I guess the gas got too expensive even last year, and I didn't see it anymore. This year, maybe even the seadoos will quiet down, and quench the lager-louts (since they all drive big pick-up trucks!).

I just ordered a barrel sauna from Leisure Living, and I'll be spending more peaceful time getting hot, and jumping into the lake.


Monado said...

I'm in southeastern BC today and the gas is $1.30 a litre. The scenery's great, though - the Kootenays. I need someone like you to tell me about the rocks and geology, though.

Harold Asmis said...

I just love the mountains! The rocks tell a glorious story of tremendous forces, which puts humanity into its proper place. :)