Friday, April 4, 2008

Moose Busters - Canadian Myths

I got my replacement 3M strips, and felt obligated to do another video. Since 3M didn't pay me anything, I decided to do it 'My Way'.


Anonymous said...

It restores one's faith in the techno-industrial society that a product actually (after a few tries) works as advertised.
There was an error in one version of 3M's instructions I saw that says to use isopropyl rubbing alchohol. Rubbing alcohol has oil in it that would tend to defeat the purpose of de-greasing the area. I hope you used 99.9% pure isopropynol.
Please give us any up dates as to the longevity of the stick and the final loadout of shampoo, conditioner et al that your shower caddy must support.

You have to get the dog to curb her enthusiasm. Cindy-Lou as in Cindy-Lou Who?

Harold Asmis said...

I used the good stuff!