Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pickering Unit 7 still not up

Every week I'll check in to report on Unit 7. As in my earlier post, I expect that the main output transformer (MOT) had a big short. It's really good that it didn't actually catch on fire, because that's when the huge douser sprays start and all that ucky transformer gunk gets washed directly into the lake!

I'm not asking my buddies what actually happened, since I don't want to get them into trouble (would be a witchhunt!). Since OPG never wants to say anything, I have fun assuming the worse! If it is the MOT, then we'll only find out by the unit being out for a few months. Those are a bitch to change out, *if* they have a replacement, since Unit 5 MOT was changed just a while ago.

The only reason Unit 8 MOT hasn't crapped out this spring is because that unit has been down *forever*. That MOT holds a world record for being the most abused transformer ever - takes a beatin' and keeps on tickin'!

ps. It's lickin' dammit! I was tortured for half an hour, wondering why it didn't rhyme. It's from the old Timex commercials.


Anonymous said...

Indeed. Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. John Camron Swayze straping a Timex to the prop of an out board and reving it up live on TV. Timex watch set to 10 minutes to 2 so as to frame the Timex name.

Perhaps you can put a marker on Google earth on the #7 transformer in question?

They have North America's largest
bird mulcher

Harold Asmis said...

Yes indeed, and I always had the fun of watching it never turn in the summer!