Thursday, April 3, 2008

Putting the squeeze on Tritium

We are constantly bathed in Radon and Tritium. During the open-air nuclear bomb tests of the 50's, we got a big dose that can still be measured in the soil. Still, it was nothing, compared to everybody smoking indoors!

*other tritium in the news

A nuclear plant oozes tritium through every pore. Those people who make tritium glow lights can't stop it from getting out the neighbour's carrots. Still, it's such a small dose of radioactivity, and immediately washes right through you.

As I've said before, we old men should be taking Tritium Tablets (* patent pending). It gives the body such a nice cleansing of radiation, perfect to kill any cancer cells lurking about. Who cares about babies? That's for those crazy old rich guys who go after the young chicks, and end up with baby-barf on their shoulder!

So, those towns trying to limit the allowable tritium dose to that generally achieved, are just trying to make a show. Much like carbon dioxide, we should recognize it as being not that great, and minimize output as best we can. We should not make movies about it, distort the science, and let people scare us.

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