Friday, April 11, 2008

AECL and CNSC get it on!

They have signed something to review the ACR1000. We must do all our part, rah, rah, for this Canadian technology.

Questions for the CNSC (who will ignore this, because they have to be nice):

-does the fueling machine have to be even worse for this larger design? Currently, at Darlington, it is the most horrible thing ever. Does this scale up?

-does this scale up the water flow throw the fuel bundles? Dear CNSC, have a look at the earlier problems with Darlington.

-does light water in the fuel bundles create a negative void ratio? Are we just going to dismiss the chance of steam voids?

Of course, you know this will be a closed process. We won't even have a chance to get at the huge documents that the US NRC has, for example.

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