Monday, April 7, 2008

Pickering transformer packs it in

Hey, I need my buds to tell me if this is the main output transformer on Pickering unit 7. You can never tell anything from the public announcements.

If it is, then I'm amazed it's Unit 7 in front of Unit 8. Those things are the saddest transformers on the planet! No transformers in the world have taken so much abuse! Unit 8 has sunk something like a foot and continues to sink at a good clip. It's tilted more than a foot at the top!

If it's not the MOT, then forget I said anything.


Anonymous said...

Sure sounds like it.

If the "It's the system that carries the power away. It was our part of the transmission system," Mr. Earl says. "We no longer had the paths to move the power out of the unit." and the other units were able to still tranmit energy then it must have been between the generator #7 and the grid ie: said output transformer.

off topic but ... I stumbled upon this!

Harold Asmis said...

That nukeworker thing is neat.