Friday, April 4, 2008

Bruce Deep Geology Thingie documents out

The Document Gods have gone completely nuts today! Here, I had just finished the posting about the Bruce new plant env. ass., when suddenly I saw this. Whoa, I said! Am I going nuts? Did I just write about the wrong thing? No, it's true, this is a completely different set of documents. This is the env ass for the Deep Geology Thingie!

As well, there is the document on how they intend to actually find panel members who don't have anything better to do. I feel sorry for them, but maybe they'll just stack with toadies, like the government science advisory panel, who just love to do these things. (although that gov't thing has never met).

I hate panel work. I was on the CSA panel for seismic standards, and nobody listened to my great ideas. Now it's bogged down.

So, all you kiddies, get to work and read this whole load of env-ass!

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