Thursday, April 3, 2008

The PZ Meyers effect - Readership Zooms Up!

Oh great God of the Blog, I sing your praises! I knew that I but had to lay an offering at your feet (my volcano story), that your smile would open up the Heavens' bounty! Oh but that it would keep up, with an actual reference, then would my life be dedicated forever to the Brotherhood of Blogdom!

*Note to self: PZ Meyers runs the blog Pharnoogie-noogie, (whatever that means!) and has become the Lightning Rod against the nasty Literalism-Extremists that love to occupy the American South, because nobody else wants to live there. They are the people who gave us GW Bush, and want to continue to give us Bush-clones by eliminating Science from schools. I was told a long time ago, that if I ever wanted to get anywhere with my blog, I would have to tweak his interest, or that of his fans. :)

ps. I sure hope the new guys like to click on ads!

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