Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Darn Phone Spam!

I just had one now! Being retired, I actually answer the phone once in a while. During the day, all you get is phone spam! When the callers were poor local schnooks, I would immediately give a very cheery sing-song "I'm not interested, goodbye". I felt sorry for them, they always seemed so pitiful!

In the past couple of years, the major players, such as annoying charities, have gone for automatic dialers. That means you hear clicks, suffer a delay, while you holler "Hello, Hello?". I always hung up after the second hello, and they never got through!

Then they got smarter with the answering machine, and automatically left messages. Finally, we have the fully automated recording that responds almost immediately.

I'm sorry schnooks! I can no longer tell immediately if it is human or not. I shall now have to assume that all phone spam is automated, so I will instantly hang up.

And it's no use, Mr. Michael Geist, to have this 'do not call' list! All the latest phone spam courses over the internet, and has phony company names. Try stopping that! Next thing will be web phones with spam control (like Gmail!), or verbal challenges.

ps. Toronto Star, you are the last people in the world to use real live local schnooks. Give it up!

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