Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saving Port Hope

I was a bit dismayed to read how mob rule was being used in Port Hope to shoot things down. It doesn't matter what was shot down, it was the manner in which is was done, which signals to everybody that there is no hope here. So, I salute their embrace of backwaterism, but here is how I would do it differently.

They can take this if they want, it's a gift...


We wish to embrace the future! We are not content to be a backwater, letting the world go by! And so we have decided to be the NUCLEAR CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!

Ontario has a serious problem. The want to put a nuclear waste repository in a geological sieve, and they want to build a new nuclear plant on a postage stamp, squeezed between a touchy nuclear plant, and a giant blasting quarry. We say "FIE ON IT ALL!" We will fight on the beaches, etc, to wipe out these ridiculous plans!

We offer the only decent new nuclear site in Ontario: Wesleyville! Furthermore, we wish to make it a low level, and well as a high level nuclear waste repository! We know that any radiation hazard is infinitely teenier than the Uranium Hexafluoride we've got brewing!

Since we are hauling OPG's ass out of the fire, we will demand a price of lower electricity prices in our development zone. With that, we will secure a decent electric furnace forging plant that can rub Japanese faces in the dirt! As well, bring on the Google Server Farms!

Of course, it will follow that we have a university, theater, and a place to get decent coffee! Young people will flock to our city centre, and not just to get a cheap house to work in Toronto! (If we're really lucky we'll get gay people!) Let Bowmanville keep their polar-bear killing, coal-burning cement plant, we got clean (and rich) industries!

Unlike those 'other' nuclear sites, Wesleyville is "Fish Certified"! A pox on those other useless sites! Port Hope is NUMBER ONE!


Anonymous said...

This article
seems to support your position.

Harold Asmis said...

Yeah, but I've gone one step further! They have to do something bold to seize the day!