Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Best of the Fish - June 2007

It looks nothing will come from the super-secret political schmoozing of choosing a new nuclear plant. And there's still a gap before the hilarious Bruce hearings start. So I'm preparing for cottage season, by issuing a Greatest Hits album. You always know that somebody is over the hill when they do this!

The Cliff

-relevant now because so much is super-secret

Jurassic Fish

-I still can't get over that fish!
-discussion about Wesleyville shows why the new nuclear plant should be there.

State of Stress

-I wanted to write about this, and there it was!
-amazing I can't remember anything

Fish Finders

-this reminds me on how they haven't done anything for the new Darlington build, they might be surprised.

Claptrap Society

-this is one of my all-time fav. articles
-it's as true as the day I wrote it, especially for the old company, where my old section is breaking up.

Swamp Gas

-I'm only mentioning this, because I got all these UFO people with this.

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