Thursday, September 24, 2020

Cottage report -- September 24, 2020

 We've gone up on Thursday because of the really nice weather.

The colours are just starting.  

Friday we gathered mushrooms

We walked to the quaking bog, but I didn't catch any fish.

This tiny bog-lake has fish that are all the same age.  Right now they are only 6 inches.  That's because fish are their only food.  In past times, the fish all got big before they starved themselves out.  You could just cast and catch a fish.  It needs a few more years, and it probably has regular oxygen starvation in the winter.


Penny said...

pics are beautiful
the mushrooms look like some type of boletes?
we're they?
and did you eat them?

we pick mushrooms, but, it's been hard this year because of the dry weather
only thing we came across was a chicken of the woods (in Prince Edward County)
and it was our daughter that had the hawk eyes to see it.

Harold Asmis said...

They are all boletes, but one was huge. We take off the sponge and fry them up. The best are the white 'King boletes' or the German 'Steinpilze' Fantastic and we only get them every 10 years.