Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Turning Toronto into Palo Alto

Now that I'm on the inside with the new mayor (hey, I sent him a g+ note!), we need a grand vision for the city.  He's already for Uberx, which is the service for under-employed youth.  Some nasty people want to fight it, like France fights Walmart.  As mentioned in the previous post, you can't miss too many of these technological booms until you're totally out of it.

All the brightest people from UofT go to Palo Alto for their start-ups, and Stanford MBA's.  They will go on and lead the 'Next Big Thing', which I think will be 3d printing.  Now, you just can't go all Japanese, like Ontario wants to and centrally plan the NBT, that leads to disaster.  No, you have to go gently, gently into the night.

Ontario is burdened by the fact they have to spread their largess.  Good grief, who wants to go Waterloo?  And solar cells in the snow belt?  They are probably already under 3m of snow, and need nuclear electricity to warm them.  :)

We have to catch the nbt  in Toronto.  For instance, printing a shirt, as my friend mentioned.  You just can't print it as if you were using a sewing machine.  No, you have to visualize a shirt being ultra-compressed into a brick, micro-print that using resin and a starch separator, and then throw into a washing machine.  Voila, seamless shirt!  That takes intense, creative brainpower, like me, but younger.  :)

What we have against us is horrible weather, and tight-fisted bankers who would rather bet all on house speculation.  We have theatre and gay hipsters.  I would propose expanding the underground to include underground parks where you can listen to guitar, or something, and pick up your Amazon purchases.  Retail is going down, and we could use that space.  As well, the demand for bureaucratic office space is going to tube.

For the money bit, we can use excess taxes from condo speculation, and import some Californians to throw it around a bit.  Canadians would want some politically-correct committee that has Olivia Chow on it.  Yuck!  Especially since the nbt might be 3d printed porn girls or boys.  :)

If we do it right, we'll out-Palo the Alto.  Wouldn't that be great?

ps. this is my all-time worst read article.  Everybody in the world hates Toronto!

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