Sunday, November 30, 2014

Oklahoma M4.2 earthquake - into the Enid Breach

Into the breach.  This earthquake was strongly felt by experienced people, so it may be a thrust.

It has the pattern that I would expect for a thrust - intense and a small area.  All in all, the mechanism is growing nicely.  I still have no idea as to why the Enid Breach exists, I think there may be two megathrusts that have run together.  The oil companies know, since they have the records, the rest of us have to guess.

Update:  Still no solution, but this was followed by an M3.5 on the lower thrust.

And the intensity map shows a thrust.

We won't get a solution for this one, too small.  But the reports should be of 'explosions' if I can find any.  The big thrusts may be finally coming in.  We must wait for the fault plane solutions.

Update2:  On the other hand the M3.8 near Prague had a strike-slip pattern.

But it did some windows, so it is probably shallow.  This is getting quite close to M5.6 and may be in a stress ring.

No discounts or solutions today, it's Sunday.
On Monday, still no solution.

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