Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Coming US Earthquake Shock

I'm shelving my new book.  It'll go right beside 'Peak Oil' and 'The Hockey Stick'.  In as lurid a style as possible, I laid out the consequences of a New New Madrid in Oklahoma, and its effect on cheap oil.  It was good as these things go, but I decided I couldn't keep a straight face on the talk shows.  I don't have the talent of Al Gore!

It would have sold well in Europe, where they they like to sit with their lakes of wine, dead economy, and make fun of the US.  We Canadians would be too cold to read anything.

Perhaps the book will float again if we get those M5 thrust earthquakes, but by then everybody and their dog will be putting out a book.  :(

Addition:  I was brought to this sad state of affairs by realizing that the mechanism was growing too slowly and matching the glacial pace of politicians.  I mean, if a Great White Shark moves into the beach, it can munch a few people and create a great movie before the politicians do something.  If the tiny baby version moved in and started shaving armpits, they would probably do something before it grew big.

Today I read that they shut down the injection well near the M4.3 Cushing earthquake "without it implying anything'.  That means they'll shut down wells for any M4.3.  We'll never get to a 7 with that!  Blah.

Update:  The M4.8 earthquake was the Monster's response to my indifference.  I'm sorry....

Update2:  The northern section is ramping up as fast as Arkansas.  The book might be saved if they deny the sharks in the water.  :)

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