Saturday, November 15, 2014

Kansas earthquake - M4.2 -- The Unzippering

That earthquake is probably misslocated a bit, since they don't have seismometers up there.  It's strike-slip, and right beside the 4.8.  This is following the pattern of the OK M5.6, so we should expect something soon.  That was before I started following these things, but you can view a time-lapse of the events.

Update:  Downsized to M3.8 because it is one of those longitudinal tension cracks on a thrust.  That NW line must be another thrust, which is offset from the OK thrust.  Weird.

The classical Arkansas pattern is to match earthquakes on the shear and thrust, with the thrusts being slightly smaller.  So it's now up to the shear....

Update2:  Holy Cow, I was just thinking that the mystery gap might be caused by an offset thrust.  As well, the Kansas events should be shallower.  New instruments might tell us that.  We'll for sure when we get the pure thrust events, but they have to be above 4.

Update3:  M3.7 just happened Nov18 up there.  Only mentioned it because my blog spiked through the roof.  Do Kansans read more?

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