Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pouring Fracking Waste on the Road - New York State


So, the next time you're behind that brine truck, trying to get through that snow storm, think of the glorious stuff you are breathing.  I'm sure it's worth at least a pack or ciggies or two.

So, now I've found a worse way to dispose of frack waste than injecting in Oklahoma.  I was always joking to people that they can't just dump it into the local creek, because that would instantly kill everything, and somebody might get it on YouTube.  Just pour it onto the road, who will know?

I was looking this stuff up, because one of my wild correspondents was claiming they were going to inject it into the Attica salt wells that once caused a giant earthquake.  Her friend went to jail trying to stop this, and I would find it very interesting, but we'd really have to wait for the seismicity.  Unless they inject it directly into these brine salt wells, and instantly suck it up again for the roads.  :)

So, everybody in New York State, start checking your hair samples for exotic isotopes and such.  I mean, your employer is going to use hair samples for cocaine use, just add some extra tests to the list.

Now, in Ontario, I'm sure they are using just good old Windsor salt, and not importing the exotic stuff from NY, or maybe they are?

Update:  They've probably stopped pouring it on the roads by now.  I did find that they weren't going to inject it into leaky salt caverns, but they want to store propane there.  That's fine, they do it with natural gas, and it's pretty obvious if it blows out.  So, if you want to protest fracking, go for the waste.  :)

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