Monday, November 24, 2014

M4.0 earthquake Oklahoma

Very boring, I know.  No fault plane solution, the USGS is getting slack.  It would be strike-slip up there anyway.  Everything is just bubbling along while we wait for real earthquakes.

Update:  Yeah USGS!  Strike-slip normal which is indicating a lightning bolt zigzag for the thrust.  This might mean why everything is so slow it's killing me!

Update2:  new M4.2 in the upper zone.  I'm guessing this will be about the same mechanism.

Now discounted to M3.7 longitudinal extension.  All these little mechanisms, just like a rock testing machine, but nothing coming together.  See you next year, big guy.

Update3:  Might as well just keep tacking to this post.  Another M4.0 that may be discounted. Yeah, down to M3.6, strike-slip normal.

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