Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Plate Tectonics Revolution - Ocean plates are ropes


Now this evidence is somewhat dodgy, because those plates are under water, but this would be something in the staid plate tectonics world.  After all, nothing has happened since '63 - oh what a night!

Seriously, it was quite a struggle for a while, whether we have subduction pull, or ridge push, and this might put the kabosh on the argument.  But does it?  Hot oceanic plates float, and cold ones sink.  The hot plates could still slide off a high ridge like butter on a Teflon pan.  Who knows if these floppy ropes can even hold a tension for a pull?

I think they just slide along, with no strength, compression or tension.  When they get cold, they just sink back into the goop, taking a lot of water and sediments with them, which makes lots of frothy granite.  What barfs up, goes down, and comes up again.  :)

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