Monday, November 18, 2013

This year is the warmest


So, at the end of this year, it is touted as being warm, even though I froze in July.  As well, the latest tornadoes are a "sign".  Now that I have a controversial g+ community that nobody reads, I'll venture into this murk again.


I read a bit of this guy and he seems reasonable.  As well, as I have mentioned a zillion times, the Goretists are perpetual abusers of scientific precision.  They quote their lines to 3 significant digits, when we might not have 1.

So, on all these weather satellites is a little device that measures the 'warm-body' radiation.  Temperature is the measurement of the vibration of molecules, like a break in billard balls.

For a while all the balls had energy.  (I'm practising screen capture and gifs)

Oxygen emits a microwave radiation when jostled around, and that seems easy to measure.

This chart includes the precision, which are those little bars.  I am surprised that last year didn't show up much.  So you can see even if the chart is as flat as the billiard table, the last year may always be the warmest, unless the chart begins to dive.

This chart is a good example of a binomial process, which is the game of Plinko.  Basically, you can get this chart by dropping the balls.  If you get a variation like the beginning, you can expect a big excursion.  For climate, all the inputs represent the pegs.

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