Friday, November 1, 2013

Maffie Engineering Company Going Down


I'm not going to say who this is, and there is no definition of my made-up word 'maffie'.  Lawyers can't click on links, so I'm safe.  :)

With my old dog-walking pal, I've been exposed to stories of the 'Great Montreal Engineering Maffie Wars' of the 70's.  I'm sure that commission will get to it sooner or later, probably after they go through the dog catchers.  That's the trouble when they start such an inquiry in the 'New Jersey of the North', there's no end to it.

Anyway, the Maffie Wars were wrapped up in the usual language issues.  They slowly destroyed all the Anglais engineering companies, and totally went with 'you know who'.  That would be called collusion in other languages.  But a company born with a tarnished silver spoon in its mouth, finds it can't compete in the real world (unless it continues the Maffie Way).  But, unfortunately, that was all exposed, and they have espoused it.  :)

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