Friday, November 8, 2013

Ohhh - Klahoma! Oklahoma earthquakes

This is the great stuff I write about, that put me in Internet Rehab.  I'm too empathic, and take this to heart too much.  But, now I've got my Super Detachment Cloak on, and let's have some fun.

The guys down there read my stuff, and have come up with my explanation for the Virginia quake - namely it's the fault of the dammed lake (Damn Lake!).  They rule out the injection (Thank God!) because it's a whole 5 miles away.

Lucky for us, they have never heard of injection plumes.  Yes, Virginia, the injection plume has reached the main intersection mechanism.  The lake water cannot penetrate the extremely thick intact shale, and even if it was heavily fractured above the megathrust, shale can 'self-heal' fractures.

So, people of OK city, remain totally isolated in your little world, there is nothing you can do.  Let the earthquakes get bigger and bigger, and look to the 4000 year old shepherd-science in the Old Testament.  :)

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