Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Summary of earthquakes past 30 days

As you can see, I've had to give up reporting on the ping-pong match between OK and TX.  It's just getting too confusing!  Lately this is the only action in the East, and there is a great mystery where it comes from.  :)

I sometimes get worried that these people are reading me and that's why I'm publishing in a more obscure g+ group.  Every time I say "That's it!  Now we'll get the big ones."  they stop injecting.  Sometimes I suspect they have even stopped injecting right under OK City.

My only hope is for one of these monster injection wells to pump right into a 'Rock Artery'.  That would be an open fracture that has somehow become de-stressed through earlier earthquake action.  The fluid would be carried a long way before causing the first small earthquakes.  Then, everybody would 'know' that it wasn't injection that caused them!

I'm still hearing the fatuous argument that lots of other injection wells don't cause earthquakes.  Good for them!  Keep it up!  They can't figure out that the geology is different for every well.  They still believe, like the Bruce Black Hole, that the Precambrian is a featureless billiard table.

Anyway, these uncertainties about injection volumes may spoil my Christmas present of an M4.5 under the city.  Whodve thunk they would stop injection?  My faith in humanity has been shattered.  :)

There is always the hope that they'll start injecting into a 'Rat Trap'.  That's an M6 zone all ready to go, that only needs a little shove.

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