Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Oklahoma goes nuts with earthquakes!

Well, we've done it.  We've broken out into a full Arkansas mechanism, which I call a 'Baby New Madrid'.  I've predicted this for so long, and it happened.  Now we have big thrusts (M3.8), followed by a quake on the shear wing (M3.2).  The 3.8 should have some intense PGV for its size, since it hammers directly upward.

If they keep injecting to keep the garbage collected, and the city out of bankruptcy, then we should now see some fast escalation.  An M4.5 on the thrust, followed by an M4 on the shear wing.  As with Youngstown Ohio, we should see this even if, horror of horrors, they stop injecting.

Update:  I'm not finding any news on this.  The 3.8 should have knocked things off shelves, but it looks like the hammer zone might be an empty zone.  Hopefully, this means no calls for action.  :)

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