Friday, November 15, 2013

The poor OK seismologist


More earthquakes today.  I remember in the old days when the Sudbury smelter was killing everything, the debate was between Jobs and Life.  And the smoking debate also had a jobs component.

Now we have this poor guy, whose every statement has to have a weasel word of 'not definite'.  Usually people do this to get more money, but there isn't any down there.  The only jobs in OK are with the oil industry, so it's jobs vs. life again.

It's sad they only have the Paleozoic faults to work with.  Our studies have shown they have nothing to do with earthquakes, but are a shadow of the deeper structure.  But everybody likes to fool around with them because they are so easy to study.

I can write this now, because I put it where nobody sees it.  I'm sure this guy gets constantly beaten by his bosses.  :)

Ode to Austen (sic)

You walk the fine line between Jobs and Death,
Everyone defends to their very last breath.

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