Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wind Farm Infrasonics


Yeah, another lonely outsider wondering about these new-fangled whirly bird-eaters. Does the thumpity-thump cause problems? Everybody used to be all hot against transmission towers and cell phones, but these things must really put out some really good electromagnetic waves!

I agree that we shouldn't put them absolutely everywhere without some good science. Of course, I say that about everything, and look where it's got me!


Anonymous said...

Harold, there is good science out there. Some people just don't like what it says. If Dr Geoff Leventhall, Consultant in Noise Vibration and Acoustics and author of the Defra (UK) Report on Low Frequency Noise and its Effects, says: "I can state quite categorically that there is no significant infrasound from current designs of wind turbines.", who do you believe? If site measurements have shown low frequency noise levels near wind farms tens of dB (yes, I know that's a lot) below the threshold of perception (let alone harm), who do you believe?

For clarity, what things "must really put out some really good electromagnetic waves!"?

[I am a wind farm designer and operator.]

Harold Asmis said...

Oh NO! Somebody who knows something! I am totally full of shit on the windfarms, it's just a little hobby of mine. :)

Although each windmill is only a tiny bit bad, I can't help thinking that deploying huge numbers, very rapidly, will prove to have some unintended consequences.