Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Radiation of the Living Dead

Wow, I got a little blip on the ad revenue yesterday, so I'll include this article.

In it, they essentially express my opinions, which is that nobody will ever be in any position to kill this zombie. It must go on, until there is a disaster. It's like a dangerous railway crossing in the city. Every day, trains and cars barely miss each other, and nobody can do anything because it costs too much money, and the street can't be blocked. We all know what happens.

So, I'm not saying anything cruel or nasty here, it's just a fact. Any don't forget, it is on a piece of ground that has the same seismic hazard as most of California, because of the soft clay. Since the seismic capacity is almost zero, with severe consequences, it has one of the highest seismic risks on the continent.

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