Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lots of stuff

There is so much hilarious stuff in the news this morning, but I'm not writing. My readership has gone way up, and the news people use me for stories. The Ontario government is about to make its big nuclear announcement.

And yet I get bothered by the cries for me to get a 'real job', with some money. Very depressing, with my much older siblings still working, and me just lazing around. I was hoping one day that this writing would be valued, but it isn't.

So perhaps my blog mission in life has ended, what with the Calgary zoo, and Obama admitting he screwed up. Of course, the political idiots, who never did anything, are now attacking the zoo and Obama, just like they always attacked me in the old company. Nevertheless, I think the dangers of secret self-similarity are becoming apparent, no matter what.

So, let the earthquake threat be ignored! Let the big institutions do their thing. The world does fine without me making fun of everybody.

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