Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Calgary Zoo Comes Clean


Ok, this fits into several of my interests: corporate (gov't) transparency, and mysteries. I'm reading a lot of mysteries lately on my Sony reader (don't ask where I get them from!), and The Affair of the Stingrays has always bothered me.

As we recall, the Calgary Zoo (The Manor House), had a magnificent collection of stingrays. Many people came to the House, with lots of things to hide. They touched and fondled the stingrays. Quel Horreur, Hercule! They are suddenly dead! Mort! The suspicion is on those nefarious visitors. Did they harbour some grudge against stingrays? Did they stand to benefit from the will? Who snuck in the mysterious poison, unknown to Science, that suddenly killed them all?

Months of investigation by the Yard! Hercule Poirot smirks at them all! He has found the answer! It was Stupidity that killed the stingrays!!

But the most amazing thing was that the Manor House confesses! They admit it! All those accusations against the people came from their own inexperience, and cheap refusal to hire somebody intelligent. All is revealed, Hastings can write up another novel!

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Monado said...

What happened?

Besides "Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain."