Sunday, February 22, 2009

One Blackberry Per Child

Here's an idea I give to Mr. Blackberry, totally for free, so he can take over the world. I've been futzing around with this OLPC, which is now a friggin' disaster. Those poor schnooks got all the big players riled up: Micro-soup, Unintel, and a whole bunch of others. Then Asus came in and tried to steal everything with the eeepc!

Forget all those losers, Mr. B-berry! Here's what you do to win. What's the worst aspect of those laptops? The keyboard! You need a big ugly thing that elephants can sit on and break. Forget the keyboard.

Make up a super-cheap, slightly larger blackberry. Make it waterproof. Only have wi-fi in it, with gps, no phone. Get that neato Pixel screen that works in bright sun. Make it very high-res. Now, shoot for the moon! Use open source, not that blackberry shit! Use Sugar! But you need a way to load it, without those horrible, horrible USB sticks!

I can see classes grouped in tables, with a teacher walking around setting up lessons with his blackberry. Oh, we need a new name for the OBPC, which doesn't look too yuppie.

This will work people! Young hands can type just as fast with a b-berry. Classes can be taught without everybody looking at facebook! Even in North America!


Anonymous said...

Well his name is Mike Lazaridis and he's just down the road in Waterloo.
He's quite the philanthropist and science and education enthusiast so much so that he gives hundreds of millions $ to PI so a bunch of scientists can think up stuff.
You should give his burry a dingle.

Silver Fox said...

Yeah, sounds like a good idea. Kids can type faster on phones than anyone can on a keyboard!

Harold Asmis said...

I know! This is the idea of the century!

I kept thinking on how anything would actually work in a classroom, especially standard North Am. 'prisons'. The key is not to have 'tethered' computers at front facing desks, and a teacher standing in front. Why bother? With laptops, all the kids just show facebook pictures to each other and giggle, while the teacher stands there like an idiot.