Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Home-Made Wine Turns Out OK

A while ago, I was bitchin' that I earned so little money for my wine fund, that I had to resort to a wine-making kit. (Remember, as a depressive, I'm forbidden to touch alcohol!). Surprise! After 2 months in the bottle, this wine has turned out to be superb.

This was just the Costco Merlot wine kit. The secret is to use the big Costco jugs of water. Never contaminate the wine with tap water! Just follow the instructions.

This wine has a full body, slightly oaked, with a peppery finish. It's as good as a $25 Vintages wine, and better than the bulk wine I get in Montreal. In a few more months I expect significant improvement.


Anonymous said...

$100 US for 6 gallons. Not bad.
So do you taste and spit it out?

Harold Asmis said...

Good Grief, I don't spit out wine!

Silver Fox said...

I'm tempted to invest! Does it age well, or will you have to have someone else test out that aspect of fine wines? :)

And yeah, I don't think you're supposed to spit anywhere near the wines.

Harold Asmis said...

It will age a few years, and be very good, but I doubt the supply will last! If you want a red wine to last 20 years, it has to be totally undrinkable (tannin) for the first 10.