Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Joy of a New Spa Cover

I love my hot-tub. We go in everyday, winter or summer. I have a roof over it, to keep the snow off my head. I also think it's fairly 'green', since I never have a soaker bath, and just a very quick shower.

Anyway, the torture of these things is the stupid cover! After a few years, the bromine always starts attacking the vinyl, and the foam starts to take in water. It starts to weigh an awful lot! I just ordered a new one from thecoverguy, and it's fantastic (brand new!). When I took off the old one, it nearly broke my foot! I'm going to cut up the old one and see if I can dry the foam for disposal. It's so saturated and moldy that it can't be recycled, and styrofoam is a bitch to recycle.

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