Friday, February 20, 2009

Niagara Tunnel Update

So, I was contacted by this television production company that wanted to do "Raise the Niagara Titanic Tunnel'. But since nobody clicks on my ads anymore, I told them they would be in hostile territory. I just checked the progress, and the overbreak has increased!!! And they are crawling at a measly 6 m a day. I think they could dig with their fingernails faster than that!

Obviously anybody involved in the project will clam up. And there will be no taking fancy videos of all the rock choking the machine. Probably deadly dangerous down there, so they aren't letting the feds down either. Since there will be a legal case, anything you say will be used against you!

There's just little old me. And I'm not saying much, since I'm kept out of the loop, and I just assume the worse.

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