Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Revamped Old EEEPC 701

The old beast was sick-malade and needed a fresh install. That was a 'journey', as they say. Now, I'm doing this report on it, in the kitchen, and torturing my eyes and my typing fingers.

I was looking for a fresh Linux distribution. Forget xp on this old hunk, and you'd be nuts to run xp on a netbook without all the virus crap slowing you down. There was one distribution that looked cute, but it had to go on a bootable usb disk, and I spent days on that. Finally I bought a USB cdrom that was on sale.

With that I could install a system on the epc. Full Ubuntu blew out the disk. I went with Xubuntu, but still had to run special eepc scripts. Now it's all working. I can go to Starbucks!

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