Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lake Huron Sinkholes and Strange Life


A straightforward article on sinkholes. This is the first scientific mention of them, yet I've been studying them all my working strange life. That is, life is strange near those sinkholes, of which the Bruce site is infested. So that's why things are strange around there!
The scientists report strange growth. And there is something strange about wanting to put radioactive waste near these sinkholes. The scientists are wrong about sinkholes being all over the Great Lakes. They are only over the megathrusts of the deep Precambrian.

Strangely, there is never any mention of them in environmental assessment. Don't we want to save the stinky, poisonous cyanobacteria?

So here's to Giant Sinkholes That Go to the Centre of the Earth. May they live and prosper underneath the Bruce site!

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